LS Automotive India Private Limited - Manufacturing & Supply of Switches, Relays & Fuse Boxes For Auto mobiles.

Our Quality Policy

LS Automotive India Pvt Ltd will pursue the target of Customer Satisfaction based on the Global Quality Management.

To achieve the Global Quality

In order to get the Competitiveness of Global Quality, LS Automotive India Pvt Ltd will strive through continual improvement of our Quality System

To achieve overwhelmed Customer quality

In order to be most favoured supplier, we will couple quality with innovation and raise our quality level to our customer’s satisfaction and respond timely to the customer requirement always.

Continual Improvement action.

Daesung India will be doing the continual improvement activities through a Systematic Quality Improvements, and Reduction of Quality Claim Cost.

As above said we, all our Employee, Staff and Management will respect the customer requirement and give our best to our customers.