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Measurement Lab

Material usage, rejects, and waste can be reduced while providing verifiable quality control measures through the Dimension Inspection and meet the customer requirement.In this way we have many Instruments to ensure the quality of the products, Some of them are explained below.

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine:

  • High-performance, 3 Dimensional CNC coordinate measuring machine that meets global standards
  • The CRYSTA-Apex S is a high-accuracy CNC coordinate measuring machine that guarantees a maximum permissible error of7 to 8 microns
  • Bed size of X=500, Y=400 & Z=400 with Master ball (Ceramic) for calibration purpose.
  • Motorised probe head with different stylus for optimum measurement.
  • Advanced Software version with Geopak and Scanpak facilities available.

Video Measuring Machine:

  • Video Measuring Machine measures based on the capturing the image of the part and it will measure.
  • Bed size of X=200, Y=150 & Z=150 with Master Piece for calibration purpose.
  • To acquire bright clarity of images three types of Light system are provided with camera (Ring Light, Back Light & co-axial Light)

Measuring Scope:

  • Measuring scope is high accuracy and more precise machine.
  • This measures based on the image view of the part.
  • The accuracy level of the machine is around 4 micron.

Other Instruments:

And some of the Instruments like Melt Flow Index (to check resin melt flow), Spectrophotometer (check alpha & beta value of colour), Gloss meter (check gloss value), etc..

Calibration of Measuring Instrument:

Calibration for the measuring Instruments has been done through outside NABL Accredited Laboratory for all the measuring instruments at frequent interval of time.