LS Automotive India Private Limited - Manufacturing & Supply of Switches, Relays & Fuse Boxes For Auto mobiles.

In my long experience, I have witnessed rapid developments in key areas of project implementation including technology, engineering tools, methodology, etc., and we have quickly adopted these developments.

However at the same time many challenges have surfaced like compressed schedules, ambitious targets, volatile market, environmental effects etc. We have faced many glitches in the past and come across serenely.
Your input is very important to be able to continue growing and become the best, we are fully confident in your work."

"The responsibility and dedication you play in this company has given us great satisfaction, keep it up and we will all reach success.”
“The work you do every day allows this company to be one of the best and makes customers be satisfied.”

“Workers like you are what makes this country succeed, in this company we value your effort and are very happy that you are a part of us.”

“Our goal is to always be the best and we are confident that with your work and participation we will achieve that goal.”

Managing Director